October 2-Wall-To-Wall Wrap Party

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 9.33.04 PMThe Tallest Poppy

Friday, October 2, 10pm-2am

103 Sherbrook St


Presented by Synonym Art Consultation, this event does triple duty, serving as a launch party for the FLASH Photo Fest, as an afterparty for First Friday art openings, as well as the wrap-up party for Wall-to-Wall mural and culture festival.

Wall-to-Wall is a mural and culture festival that takes place in Winnipeg every year during September. This
year it saw the creation of ten new murals across many Winnipeg neighbourhoods each launched with a unique event. Footage of the creation of these murals, as well as documentation from the events serve as the photographic component for this event. Photos assembled by Wall-to- Wall Photography Coordinator Joey Visser and his team will be projected throughout The Tallest Poppy for the evening and will be accompanied by music provided by a live DJ!

Three events for the price of… none! It’s free for all. Come party with us.