October 11-Very Nice Pictures: Flash Photographic Festival

Sunday, October 11, 3pm Cinematheque

100 Arthur St
Curated and introduced by Dave Barber

In conjunction with the Flash Photographic Festival we present three powerful portrait films with a focus on photography from Arthur Lipsett’s 1961 classic Very Nice, Very Nice to John Paskievich’s rarely seen film about baby photographer Ken D’Cruz, The Actor and Sean Garrity’s photos from his world wide journeys, Pictures of the Interior. Following the film screening Flash Fest organizer and photographer Leif Norman and John Paskievich will engage in a conversation about the power of image making and discuss critical elements of photography.

Very Nice, Very Nice / Directed by Arthur Lipsett, 1961, Canada,
7 min / Experimental legend Arthur Lipsett’s first film is an avant- garde blend of photography and sound which looks behind the business-as-usual face we put on life and shows anxieties we want to forget. Nominated for an Academy award it inspired Stanley Kubrick to approach Lipsett to create a trailer for Kubrick’s film
Dr Strangelove.

The Actor / Directed by John Paskievich, 1990, Canada, 24 min / A charming portrait of the late Ken D’Cruz, a baby photographer who dreams of acting. This rarely seen documentary explores the world of taking photos of babies through eyes of a professional.

“Magical…beautiful…intriguing.” -CBC

Pictures of the Interior / Directed by Sean Garrity, 2003, Canada, 4:40 min / Feature director Sean Garrity’s short photo portraits of Cuba, Spain, South America and Japan reveals photographs and memories, travels and observations, kimchi and root beer.


Very Nice Very Nice 1

Pictures of the Interior

The Actor_Ken with camera