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Get the Picture 

This is the story of an amateur who turns on my camera with the idea that a picture worth taking is a picture worth sharing…

Anyone can share online, but the result is that strangers are left to judge…
Which can never feel quite as real as the experience of taking the photo itself.

Or as satisfying!
Which brings me to this point in time…
Here I get to share my work directly with you! So if my photos please you as much as me, then I can safely say it was a picture worth taking.

Now you can share a thought if you wish.
A call, text, or email is welcome.

If need be, we can even meet to share a coffee right here, and spend the time to hear the rest of the story.



Join us in wishing Tom a happy birthday by celebrating on October 19 from 6-9pm! A great chance to check out the photography and have a piece of cake.