Tom Hardern

Artist – Tom Hardern

Venue – Joe & Lily [145 Pacific Avenue]

Time – Mon-Fri 7am-4pm


For most of my adult life, I have avoided going into pawn shops and XXX porn stores for more or less the same reason: To avoid being seen by someone I KNOW! But now, I am old enough to just not care anymore about  what anyone thinks…. Thanks to social media, everyone judges everyone all day long! So I visited some local pawn shops to see what is actually sold there, and of course I took my camera.

My pictures display things I did NOT expect to see… TVs and power tools and jewelry, which there is,  but depending on the day, also much more.

To suggest the link to porn, each photo is named with a double meaning: Bad Ass, Role Player, Bright Shiny Objects, Rubber Fetish, Crotch Rocket, Skin Tight, Spy Cam Selfie, Sheet Music, Sugar Addict, Hot Licks Cheap Tricks, Fashion Plate Doll Face, Horny Buck, Peddle Filia Board Stiff.   

If your mind goes there, maybe these names might sound vaguely porn related.  So just let it go there! But also consider that just as there is a porn site for every taste, there is a local pawn choice for every possible purchase…

Choose your style or type !!