The Winnipeg Art Gallery Group Show

300 Memorial Blvd

Tues-Thurs, Sat/Sun 11am-5pm

Fri 11am-9pm

The Winnipeg Art Gallery is a strong supporter of the Winnipeg and Manitoba Photographic community. They have offered wall space to nearly every FLASH festival photographer each October since it began. We only say “nearly” because some venues have over ten photographers alone, and there is simply not enough room to put them all up! This show is likely the largest group show gathering of Manitoba photographers, ever!

Cory Aronec + Rejean Brandt Robert Barrow
Carl Brownell
Connie Chappel

Jill Demainiw
Adriane Dizon
David Firman
Gage Fletcher
Colin Grover + Jacqueline Young Kennan Hspahic

Chanelle Lajoie
Felixe Sturk Lussier Kasia Nawrocka Patrick McNeill Georgia Morrison John Nielsen
Cam Nikkel Jean-Pierre Parenty Dorothy Paryzek Coralee Penner
Talia Ricci
Sylvie Rondeau Rebecca Schroeder Taylor Sheppard
Mike Sudoma
Robert Tibbs Christian Worthington Aaron Zeghers

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