Mix Tape Group Show (at Tara Davis Boutique)

Artist – Mix Tape Group Show

Venue – Tara Davis Studio Boutique [246 McDermot Avenue]

Time – Mon/Tues 11am-3pm, Wed-Sat 11am-6pm

Dmitry Kirshner has two passions – travel and photography.   Whether travelling close to home or going on an overseas trip, his inspirations come from seeing ordinary and re-interpreting it, working with perspectives, shapes and colours to bring the viewer into the image and its hidden story. Check out his work at www.dmitrykirshner.com or Instagram @dkfotas.

Yvette Shang is currently a PhD student at the University of Manitoba.  Besides being a biologist, she ​has developed a great passion on Lego photography. Through Lego minifigures’ eyes, Yvette hopes to portray life and philosophy with a sense of humor and a level of creativity. Check out her work at http://legobiologist.wixsite.com/legobiologist or Instagram @legobiologist and @spidergirl.photo

Suzie suffers from bipolar and uses photography as a coping mechanism to help calm her mind and to focus on a task.  She finds this therapeutic and while taking photos, it aids her in being more aware of the beauty in her surroundings.