Talia Ricci & Gage Fletcher

biophotoRudy’s Eat and Drink

375 Graham Ave

Mon-Fri 11am-12am

Sat 5pm-2:30am


Winnipeg + The World

Gage and Talia will be juxtaposing images of Manitoba with the rest of the world in a show together at Rudy’s. Gage was born and raised in Manitoba and captures the beauty of his home through perspectives that are unique and often overlooked. Gage has explored just about every corner of Winnipeg and much beyond the city’s borders showing off our province’s gems through his lens.

Talia is new to Winnipeg and has travelled to a few places around the globe collecting moments that captivate her. As a journalist she is often drawn to the stories behind the people and places she photographs. The two photographers often adventure and photograph together, inspiring each other with their different artistic outlooks.