Swiss village lifts photography ban after story goes viral

“Just days after ‘banning’ photography, the Swiss village of Bergün has, not surprisingly, reversed course. In a bizarre video, the mayor of Bergün states that ‘until the ban on photography is officially lifted, everyone with a camera will be given a friendly special permit.'” from

Reading the comments on the DPreview news post shows how much some people lack a sense of humour, or at least a tolerance for an Orwellian joke.

Buhl 213 got rather serious:

“Mayor Peter Nicolay,

I dare you on behalf of your entire city: I’ll transport myself to your village, you will pay for my stay and local expenses, and arrange local subjects of beauty available – be it happy kids, smiling women, local archictecture, natural scenery or proud craftmanship alike. I promise that within a week, I can make no less than fifty fully indifferent – or even ugly – images of your town, its people and its surroundings (with proper access and permits).

Should one or more images happen to be slightly likeable (as judged by inhabitants outside the areas in question), this will not void the challenge as long as the former statement is adhered to.

How hard can it possibly be ?

(Sorry, no humor folks, no looks, no laughing-around-corners or whatever, and certainly no thoughts as mentioned below. Not at all)”

The Swiss town of Bergun played an April fools joke on the world, but it was on June 3, 2017. The PR stunt certainly raised the profile of this picturesque little town.