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Mercedes Benz Winnipeg

23 Rothwell Road


Mon-Tues 9am-9pm 

Wed-Sat 9am-6pm


The Professional Photographers of Canada (Manitoba) is pleased to participate along with the partnership of Mercedes-Benz Winnipeg in the Flash Photographic Festival.  The Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC) is a national organization made up of professional photographers from across this great country.  Manitoba is a Constituent Association with Affiliation Status (PPOC-MB).

PPOC’s VISION is ‘To be Canada’s leader in developing and maintaining the highest level of photographic excellence”.
PPOC’s Mission is “To qualify and support photographers to become industry leaders and to educate the public in the value of hiring an Accredited professional photographer.”

“Great photography is not about the camera, but about the person wielding it. A camera is simply a tool, but when it is combined with the talent, technique and artistry of an accredited professional photographer, the result is truly great photography. The members of PPOC make photographs that go beyond documentation. They create imagery that evokes an emotional response.

Accredited Professional Photographers of PPOC are specialists in their chosen field of photography.  Accreditation demonstrates that the photographer has been deemed capable of delivering image excellence in that field by a panel of their peers, which sets them apart as being industry leaders”.

The images displayed in this Festival have received either a Merit or Excellence distinction in our yearly Image Salon competitions.

Throughout the year, PPOC-MB hosts educational events for photographers ranging from marketing and business best practices, to technical workshops covering numerous photographic specialties.  PPOC-MB continues to invite any non-member to attend their first educational event at no charge. More information can be accessed on our websites:

Those looking to hire a Professional Photographer for a milestone event or commercial project are encouraged to check out the Find a Photographer Section on our websites.

Don’t forget to look for the PPOC logo when selecting a photographer for your important event.

National Website: