Patrick McNeil

McNeill - PortraitCity Place

333 St. Mary Ave

First floor, Centre Court & Second floor Mon-Sat 10am-6pm
Sun 12 noon-5pm
Closed Thanksgiving

When Patrick McNeill is out trying to create a great photograph he is so engrossed
in the creative process that he’ll have
no idea of how much time has passed.

He has battled polar bears, precipitous cliffs, and 4am alarm clocks, all in order
to get the right shot (note: slight polar bear exaggeration). His best photos are generally taken around Manitoba when
he has time to wait for the right light or
to return to a site if he hasn’t quite gotten the shot that he has in mind. But he’s also been able to create some intriguing photos in the more than forty countries he’s been to overseas (please don’t ask him to pick

a favourite). Patrick focuses mainly on landscapes, architecture, and abstract images. The exhibit at City Place will feature some local as well as international photographs. More of his work can be viewed online at

There will be a customer give away/raffle of some of the pieces.

McNeill 1

McNeill 2

McNeill 3