On Screen Manitoba Group Show

Artist – On Screen Manitoba Group Show

Venue – On Screen Manitoba [3-100 Arthur Street]

Time – Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

On Screen Manitoba is proud to be a FLASH Photographic Festival venue for a third year. The exhibition showcases ten behind-the-scenes photos from various photographers of Manitoba’s media production industry, highlighting on-the-job insights from film, television and digital media production sets, media labs, workplaces and industry events. Get on set through this journey from stories to screenings with experienced and emerging industry professionals of diverse backgrounds.

 On Screen Manitoba leads the development of a dynamic media production industry recognized for its world-class creative and technical talent. OSM is a non-profit professional association representing 1500 media production industry professionals. Our members work in all genres and formats (in English, French and Indigenous languages) and have access to some of the best production incentives in Canada. OSM represents, promotes and grows the Manitoba media production industry by enabling innovation. OSM actively pursues partnerships that celebrate Manitoba’s film, television and digital production communities.