October 29 – FLASH Fest Closing Party! and Victorian Digital Challenge Print Viewing Gala

Date – October 29

Time – 6:00pm-9:00pm

Location – Dalnavert Museum [61 Carlton Ave]

Earlier in the month of October, a selection of photographers were set a rather difficult task. In the historic Dalnavert, they had only 30 minutes with two models dressed in clothing of the era. And here is the kicker… they were only allowed to hit the shutter on their digital cameras twelve times. No mercy for mistakes, just like photographers from 1895.

Their goal was to make the loveliest and most pleasing photographs of people in their historic surroundings, albeit looking like they’ve gone back in time 120 years. Each photographer’s best three images have been printed out, without the modern conveniences of PHOTOSHOP, and will be presented to the public to politely judge on the evening of October 29th.

Ladies and gentlemen, please join us and judge what you deem to be the best of the best by placing a marble in the corresponding tea cup.

The photographic print with the most marbles will be chosen to be the BEST of the Victorian Digital Challenge!

This will also serve as Flash Fest 2017’s closing party so come out, have a drink with us and share in a GREAT MONTH!

Costumes courtesy of the Costume Museum of Canada.