October 22 – Aspire Studios Lighting Workshop

Guest Speakers – Leif Norman, Trevor Johnsen, Paul Misseghers & Pearl Angelini

Date – Sunday, October 22

Time – 1-5pm

Location – Aspire Studio [289 King Street, 3rd Floor]

Interested in studio lighting but don’t know where to start? Then this is just the event for you! 3 photographers covering all the lighting techniques!

Leif Norman will present a basic introduction about hard light – soft light, broad lighting – short lighting, and masculine lighting – feminine lighting.

Trevor Johnsen will then show us what he knows about lighting the female body and various poses.

Continuing on with what we have learned, Paul Misseghers will show us how to combine ambient light and studio strobes and how to shoot low key portraiture using the numerous lights and rooms in the Aspire Studios (as time permits).

Pearl Angelini will also give a short talk about PPOC, the Professional Photographers of Canada.