Oct 8-Colin Corneau Photowalk

PHOTOWALK with Colin Corneau, photojournalist & street photographer

meeting point: Atrium of Red River College’s Princess Avenue Campus

Corner of Princess St & William Avenue

Saturday, October 8, 11am-1pm


The street photography genre carries a lot of associations in the internet age, but at its heart (past and present) it simply denotes an urban explorer –  a citizen asserting their right to walk freely and an artist asserting their responsibility to explain the space we all share.

In this walk, we will come together and simply look more carefully at the places we’ve all seen before. Whether you use a phone, a point and shoot, your parent’s film camera or any other method, our goal will be to walk lightly but see sharply. We’ll aim to learn some of the skills needed to pluck moments of clarity from the rushing stream of daily life.

If you have a desire to portray a city, a neighbourhood and its people then all you need is to take the first step.