Nancy Kerr

Artist – Nancy Kerr

Venue – Crazy 8 Billiards & Lounge [42-820 Berry Street]

Time – Mon- Sat 11am-12am, Sun 12pm-12am


What happens when most of your spare time is spent either in a Pool Hall or with your camera?  You start seeing Pool balls everywhere you go!  Sometimes those pesky things just follow me around, so I thought I should catch them in the act!

My gallery this year contains images that are either around the Pool Hall, or contain those escaped spherical pranksters out in the world, popping up in all kinds of unlikely places! 

Join me on Saturday October 14 from 7pm for a POOL PARTY (not swimming) at my host location, Crazy 8 Billiards, 42-820  Berry Street. Come meet me and see my display, maybe play a game or two of pool!

Official Flash Festival Event – Saturday Oct 14 at 7pm