Miss Browns Group Show

Artists – Abby Matheson, Mardel Maduro

Venue – Miss Browns [288 William Avenue]

Time – Mon 10am-3pm, Tues-Fri 7:30am-3pm, Sat 9am-3pm, Sun 10am-3pm

Abby Matheson Photography

In 2007, I was walking around Seoul, South Korea for an afternoon when I realized almost 7 hours had passed since I last checked the time. I had been on a day-long adventure taking pictures of the most amazing people and scenes. I realized that there was a deeper level to my love of photography that I needed to explore.

Since then, I have been drawn to documentary-style, street photography. I love the sincerity of it. I meet interesting people all the time, and everyone has an amazing story whether they believe it or not. You never know the weight of people’s experiences until you catch them in a vulnerable moment.

This is my first year in Flash Photo Fest and I look forward to being inspired!

Mardel Maduro

From the 284 to the 204, born and raised in the BVI and now calling the Peg home. Mardel is a photographer / filmmaker who got his start shooting landscapes and cinematic videos on the island of Tortola. He now shoots whatever catches his interest whether it happens to be landscapes, drone shots, portraits, food, product shots or videos (see samples on IG, @mardelmaduro).

With this being his first year doing Flash, he decided to make use of the platform to introduce himself to the Winnipeg photography and art communities, by showing the different types of photography and subjects that interest him the most.