Manitoba Music Group Show

Artists – Joey Senft, Jenny Ramone

Venue – Manitoba Music [1-376 Donald Street]

Time – Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

Manitoba Music will showcase some of the best live music photography shots from two passionate local live music photographers. These works capture the energy of live music and bring the viewer straight to the front row of the show.

 Joey Senft brings together her two loves – music and photography – by capturing the raw energy of live shows in still images. She is dedicated to the local music scene, and has photographed and befriended countless bands, occasionally putting on shows and hosting touring bands as they pass through the city. 

 Jenny Ramone has a passion for concert photography and has lent her talents to numerous local festivals and internationally-recognized events.  She strives to capture the world around her with honesty, giving beauty to the mundane: light, shadow, and everything in between.