LOCH GALLERY presents Tony Luciani

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306 St. Mary’s Road


Tues – Sat 10am-5:30pm  

LOCH GALLERY will open a unique exhibition of photography and paintings by acclaimed Canadian artist Tony Luciani on October 8th, on view until October 20th. MAMMA: In the Meantime  will feature 20 photographs and 2 new paintings that powerfully narrate the daily life of mother and son, and the experience of living with dementia.

MAMMA: In the Meantime  opens on Thursday, October 8th, from 9am-5pm at Loch Gallery in Winnipeg.

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“I think the photos are terrific and will give viewers a new perspective on aging,” says gallery owner, David Loch. “Tony’s story is of tremendous importance because it bridges the gap between generations and sheds light on the one reality we cannot escape from.”

In 2014 when she was ninety-one and unable to look after herself any longer, Elia moved in with Tony, and the collaboration of artist/son and elderly mother/model took them on a pictorial voyage of humour and of reflection. While Elia dealt with dementia and old age, her son became her full-time caregiver and began to include Mamma in his art practice. Elia’s feelings of aging and memory loss were instrumental in deciding the directions this series was going.

“I hope this project with my mom will encourage others to truly see and develop compassion for their elders and not ignore, abandon or shut them out,” says Luciani. “We need to really hear them, not only for what they were, but who they are now. They are who we all will eventually become.”

Through social media, Tony and Elia have found a dedicated audience for their photographs, which are being shared by hundreds of thousands of viewers. The images have connected mother and son with other caregivers and families establishing a global community of support. Together, Tony and Elia have created unforgettable stories about dealing with aspects of frailty and aging, while holding onto childhood dreams.

About Loch Gallery:

Loch Gallery has been family owned and operated since 1972 with locations in Winnipeg, Toronto and Calgary. The Loch Gallery specializes exclusively in Canadian and European historical works of significance and established contemporary artists, with an emphasis on painting and sculpture.