Kyle Schappert

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632 Lafleche St

Daily 10am-midnight

Manitoba After Midnight

Kyle Schappert is an emerging photographer based in Winnipeg who is best known for his brand of steel wool photography.

In the recent past, he has received praise from the likes of local media outlets such as CTV, Global, The Winnipeg Free Press and even a feature back in April in Maclean’s Magazine.

Heavily influenced by Instagram, Kyle begun extensively exploring urban and rural landscapes around Manitoba in search of new perspectives and his next best photo. From the depths of sewers to the tops of skyscrapers, Kyle can be found everywhere in between taking photos with his Nikon DSLR camera.

A large percentage of Kyle’s photographs are taken during the darkest hours of the night and mostly being long exposure style incorporating all types of landscapes.

“Late nights are definitely my thing.
I’ve spent countless nights lurking in
the middle of the night, finding new ways

to connect with myself and the world around me through photography and it’s creative process”

It’s no surprise Kyle’s theme for this year’s show is “Manitoba after Midnight” featuring a series of photographs taken past the midnight hour at various locations around the province.

“Everything looks quite different at night, especially after a nice midsummer rain.
I almost prefer taking photos at night because you can always ad more light but during the day it’s a different story”

Kyle continues to take frequent trips in and out of the city to create new photos and explore new places, bringing new perspectives to light. ..sometimes during the day, but mostly during the night!

Skinners Wet n Dead- Kilkona Park After Dark- Fort Garry Views-0359