Kurt Anos

Artist – Kurt Anos

Venue – Khao House [126 Sherbrook Street]

Time – Mon-Thurs 1130am-2pm/5pm-9pm, Sat & Sun 4pm-9pm

This body of work depicts familiar locations and landmarks of Winnipeg with a twist on reality. These photos are not meant to be clear depictions of the city, but rather are meant to make people question the everyday sights that they are familiar with. It ignores physics and time, and creates an alternate reality of a deconstructed Winnipeg.

Kurt Anos is a freelance creative photographer with a keen preference in analogue photography and its related processes. He learned the basics of photography in Architecture school, which is the reason why architecture elements are often involved in this work.

Much of his personal photography experiments with double exposure as a way to create meaning or something seemingly impossible in the real world. The images almost have a life of their own as they are often unplanned between exposures. This creates unexpected compositions that are only revealed once the film has been developed and printed with little to no post editing.