Kodak revives print media with a hip new mag

Kodachrome has been resurrected in dead tree form, since those chemical processes were too much to handle.

For $20 you could be part of the history; or the future of Kodak’s photographic influence.

From PetaPixel “Issue 01 is being published in a “limited edition run” and contains 76 pages of features, illustrations, and photographs. Kodak is serious when it says the magazine goes well beyond the world of analog photography and filmmaking — here’s a list of what stories you’ll find in the first issue:

  • Chloë Sevigny on film, felines, shooting fairytales and taking the director’s chair
  • Isaac Julien on the virtue of film for inspiring, making and preserving art
  • Tad Carpenter on the power of the pencil
  • Max McSimov on the beautiful truth behind folk songs – with the help of his Super 8
  • Print is Dead is Dead: why independent magazine culture is booming
  • The Hepworths: one of Europe’s most iconic art family dynasties laid bare
  • Lost in Color: why the light, bright world of yellow is a lot murkier than it seems
  • Music to Your Eyes: how gig posters bring out a designer’s most creative side”
June 2017. Kodak’s new Kodachrome Magazine