Kennan Hspahic


Gaynor Family Regional Library
806 Manitoba Avenue
Tues-Fri 9:30am -9pm
Sat 9:30am-5pm
Sun 1pm-5pm

Kennan Hspahic is a photographer from Winnipeg, now living in Selkirk, Manitoba. He has been exploring places in Manitoba with his camera, especial provincial parks, where he gets much of his inspiration from. Connecting with nature is essential to his lifestyle and photography. He finds interesting subject matter, that is obscure in nature, to observe and meticulously photograph. He captures nature and landscapes by studying patterns and form of objects from varying perspectives while using creative camera techniques. Kennan’s photography style is ambiguous with spiritual undertones; formations affected by ambient light develop into an impression of an indistinct nature. The focal point of his recent work enters on the juxtapositions of natural and man made environments.

The Gaynor Family Regional Library in Selkirk is a new library with a coffee shop and theatre. It is a multi-purpose hub for the community. The building is environmentally green and has an interpretive trail though a native prairie ecosystem in it’s backyard. It is an excellent venue for showcasing photography and painting. The Gwen Fox Gallery has kindly agreed to share their wall space for this Flash exhibit. Enjoy Flash Fest and your visit to the library!