John Nielsen

Photographer's picture by Dennis WiensGolden Prairie Arts Council and Gallery

38 Centre Ave West, Carman, Manitoba

Tues-Fri 9am-4:30pm
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‘As We See Ourselves’

I have long been fascinated with the ways mankind has depicted itself in 3 dimensional form. These range from fine statuary, masks, and dolls,

to crude scarecrows, and even jack o’lanterns. They have been created for artistic, religious, and practical purposes.

The subject is much too broad for
a comprehensive series, so mine is composed of what has appealed to my eye and imagination; expressed in

photographs, digital art, and paintings.

My aim was not to just capture literal images of my subjects, but rather to create my interpretations of them. However,
I always tried to respect the

ideas of the original creators and I hope that they would approve of my variations.

Sample Photo -  Face on the Wall

Sample Photo - Inukshuk

Sample Photo - Statue of Goddess