Jill Demianiw

Chaise Cafe & Lounge

271 Provencher Blvd

“Life is the mostJill Portrait Edited-1 spectacular show on Earth.”

A modern day version of a love story we all know and adore.  Captured mysteriously, artistically and creatively.  

Specifically created special for this first time show.  Best viewed in the moment, live, in front of you.

You won’t want to miss stopping by Chaise Cafe & Lounge to see for yourself how love can be transformed into an image and emotion

felt through the art. 

Jill Demianiw of Luxe Images By Jill is a stylized photographer based in Winnipeg, MB.

Her passion for fashion, dance, and uniqueness is shown in all of her work.  She is determined to 

tell everyone’s story through images in a way not of the normal.  Attention to details, wardrobe,

makeup, hair, locations, props and sets are what make her images stand out.  Jill is so honoured to be apart of a rich and inspiring community of photographers and share her art with others.