Jen Schultz

preferredheadshot(colour)King + Bannatyne

100 King St, Winnipeg

Mon-Sat 11am-9pm

Her Dreamland

Her Dreamland is a show about the general collection of work Jenessa has created over the last three years. These storytelling images are the images she has always dreamed about creating, and were conceptualized to bring the viewer into a cinematic, dreamlike world. Every piece is a visual metaphor of a story or of an experience.

Jenessa Schultz is a fine art photographer based in Winnipeg, MB. She started snapping photographs when she was fifteen years
old and has not been able to set down her camera since. Immediately enchanted and inspired by conceptual photographs, she has consistently been working towards fine art since she started. From creating conceptual sets to learning in depth photo manipulation, Jenessa has created a unique style and footprint for herself. She also runs an active group for the local photography community, and enjoys finding new ways to get others excited about creating.

Jenessa hopes to soon bring her work
to art galleries and to begin running workshops. You can view more of her work at

The Butterfly Tears (Colour) by Jenessa Schultz

An Act of Bravery (Colour) by Jenessa Schultz

Oblivion (Colour) by Jenessa Schultz