Jacqueline Young




Deer + Almond

85 Princess Street


Mon-Fri 11am-2pm/5pm-11pm 

Saturday 5pm-11pm


Jacqueline Young is a freelance photographer and the owner of Stationpoint Photographic. Holding a degree in Architecture from the University of Manitoba (2011) and a diploma in Photography from PrairieView School of Photography (2014), Jacqueline enjoys the challenges of documenting artworks both large and small in scale. With her keen eye and sense of playfulness, Jacqueline has been participating in a self-directed “Image-A-Day 2016” series which can be followed on Instagram @stationpoint.

The geometric concepts of point, line and plane form the basis of all visual arts, from drawing and painting to photography and architecture. The images in this series are the result of small scale experiments with light and shadow, intended to explore how these can manipulate and be manipulated by geometry in its simplest forms.