It’s really happening!

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Hello All!
It’s on. 
It’s happening again October 1st to 31st, 2015.
Some of you have confirmed you WILL be showing some photography this October, and some of you are just on my list of people to bug.
Bug bug…
(And some of you may have told me to go away. So remind me again, and I will remove you from this list.)
The deadline for entry this year is once again August 1st, unless you are a certain Free Press Photojournalist, and then the deadline is three days before the Festival starts. Ha! You know who you are. But seriously, please let me know before the beginning of August if you have found a venue and want to put up a show.
There are some lovely surprises this year. 
St Boniface University will be having a Francophone Photo show. Perhaps the largest one ever? Perhaps I am exaggerating…
Parlour Coffee will be displaying a photograph by a very notable Winnipeg artist; one who is known for painting! We’re bending the art rules!
There will be a venue in Carman Manitoba. The Festival has gotten to big for this city!
More gossip to come!
Leif Norman
   Executive Producer
FLASH photographic festival