IS HDR ruining photography?

Michael Hession

June 2014


Flickr user Hindrik Sijens
Flickr user Hindrik Sijens

“High Dynamic Range photography represents the incredible feats that can be accomplished with digital imaging. But! HDR abuse is also responsible for some of the most horrendous displays of photographic over-indulgence. This must stop.

For the past few years it has not been unusual to see wild HDR photos pop up all over the internet. They’re hard to miss, looking almost like cartoon renderings or video game stills, with extreme saturated color and heightened textural effects. But it wasn’t until I opened an issue of the New York Times a few weeks ago and saw almost a full-page spread of a horrible HDR photo right there in print that I realized just how endemic HDR abuse has become. Something’s wrong when a digital novelty technique is being used in a venerated publication with a history of quality photojournalism.”

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