Info for Photographers

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 1.06.25 PMGet some photography on the walls and some people through the doors.

We are heading into the fourth annual photographic festival in October 2017.

Restaurants, lobbies, coffee shops, pubs, hat shops, galleries, photo studios, even a bus shelter were used to display Winnipeg’s professional and amateur photographers since it began in 2014. These venues were an active destination for people seeking out the shows and benefited from the increased traffic. Some venues saw a hundred extra visitors because of the festival.

The festival takes place during all 31 days, each month of October.  Photos may be hung earlier than October 1st and taken down after October 31st, but should be up for the whole month.

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No one is refused.

Everyone is accepted.

As long as you have some photography to hang,

a venue to hang it in,

the agreement is signed by you and the venue,

and the $150 fee is paid by August 1 2016,

you’re in!

For 2017 we are continuing with the EARLY BIRD special.

If you can get all the info to us by June 15th

then the entrance fee is reduced to


So let’s get going!



  1. Think of a great photo show idea and a place to put it.
  2. Secure a venue. Anywhere in Winnipeg, and possibly beyond…
  3. Download agreement:  FLASH Agreement 2017
  4. Arrange a meeting to sign it and make payment. (Cash or Cheques are accepted.  Please make out to “Flash Photographic Festival”).
  5. Get ready to put on a show for all of October!

Email us at so we can meet up.

The entire month of October will be photo month in Winnipeg with events, seminars, parties and numerous photo venues across Winnipeg. A program will be printed and available for FREE.

Posters will be put up around town and Social Media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) will be engaged to promote each venue.

Photographers of all kinds can approach venues to display their art. Usually one photographer will hang in one venue, but group shows in one venue are also welcome. It’s up to you to find a place to show your work, so go talk to your local eatery or business and make some friends and find a venue. The festival regrets that we cannot book venues for you. We can make suggestions, but we really want photographers to find their own. You know your neighbourhood better than we do!

IMG_8020aThere is a $150 submission fee to get involved with the festival. No artist will be refused as long as the venue is secured and the paperwork is signed by August 1 2017. The venue may wish to sponsor the photographer and pay the $150 submission fee for them; or offer to pay half.

Either the photographer OR the venue pays the fee, not both.

Group shows can split the fee. Fifteen people in a venue need to cover $10 each.

The show should be mounted in the venue so that it all looks good. You do not have to frame things expensively; IKEA has some lovely affordable frames. Dry mounted to foam core, or printed on metal is also great!

The Lab Works at 1847 Main street is the print sponsor for the festival, and they give a discount for all participating photographers. You may get your photos printed anywhere, but The Lab Works does great work and will give you a good price.


FLASH photographic festival

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