Hugh Conacher

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MAKE Coffee + Stuff

751 Corydon Avenue 


Mon-Fri 7:30am-10pm

Sat-Sun 9:30am-10pm


This is the beginning of an exploration into how the ubiquitous cell phone camera has changed the way we tell our stories. The cell phone has turned everybody into a photographer and social media has given us all a venue in which to showcase our work. Has the way we present ourselves on social media changed the way we tell our stories or changed the stories themselves?

Sifting through the 6000 or so pictures I’ve taken since buying my first iPhone,

I present my life as it happened.

Or how I’d like to think it happened.

Or how I’d like you to think it happened.


As a Lighting Designer, Hugh has collaborated with choreographers, directors, visual artists, and dance and theatre companies throughout Canada and around the world. Hugh enjoys working beyond the constraints of traditional lighting design using various forms of interactive media, video and photography. His photographic work resides in private collections and has been published worldwide.