Heather Lewis

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Neighbourhood bookstore
898 Westminster
Mon-Sun 9am-10pm
In case of venue closure, please see the website for alternate venue

Heather Lewis is a documentary photographer, who recently returned to Winnipeg. Exploring themes of solitude, in this series I turned to the Toronto Islands, and explored the stillness of the island during a winter residency. The figures are unrecognizable, allowing the viewer to enter the images. The 10-30 second exposures abstract the prototypical lake view and allow the lake to present it’s constant change, focusing on the colours, light and form.  By slowing down the process, the images, though initially similar, change subtlety and sometimes obviously, depending on the exposure, time of day and weather conditions.  I’m pleased to be showing my photographs in Wolseley at the Neighbourhood Bookstore and Cafe, another wonderful place for solitude.