Gage Fletcher & Talia Ricci

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Rudy’s Eat & Drink

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Mon-Fri 11am-12am       

Sat  5pm-2:30am


Planet Iceland: Photographed

Gage and Talia will be sharing their images from Iceland; a country full of landscapes that appear to be other worldly.

Travelling around the country camping and sleeping in their rental car, the photographer couple shares their Icelandic experiences through their lenses.

Gage Fletcher was born and raised in Manitoba and captures the beauty surrounding him at home and abroad. His love for nature is often displayed through his work.

Talia Ricci is a journalist who loves to discover the stories behind the people and places she photographs. Her travels are the biggest inspiration behind her work.

The two photographers hope to draw in Manitobans with an Icelandic background to their show, as well as those who are curious about the quirky and beautiful country.


Opening party – Friday, October 7 – 7pm 

Rudy’s Eat & Drink

375 Graham Avenue