Gabriel Stacey-Chartrand

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Verde Juice Bar

887 Westminster Ave

Mon-Sat 9am-6pm

Sun 11am-5pm


About 12 hours north of Winnipeg. Directed to an abandoned mine site from the small community of Lynn Lake, driving through pristine northern Manitoba. A new landscape appears: one of stunning beauty yet disturbing destruction.

Left over from smelting, the mine waste is a glass-like powder finer than sand. It was as unpleasant as it was striking. The hazardous dust (slag) was constantly picked up by strong winds over the dunes, blasted into eyes, airways and lenses. The juxtaposition of untouched northern manitoban landscape and the annihilated natural beauty endured long after departure.

In the moment, the sight of colourful toxic sands spanning the horizon had captured me, and in turn I captured them.

As a student in the Faculty of Architecture, at the University of Manitoba, I have come to use my camera to document and interpret my surroundings. Always looking for unique environmental or social situations, my camera rarely leaves my side.


Instagram: @gabesc