Erica De La Rosa


Don’s Photo 

410 Portage Ave


Mon-Sat 9:30am-6pm

Sun 12pm-6pm


My name is Erica de la Rosa. I reside in Winnipeg and I am married to a photographer. He is the reason why I came to love photography.

After assisting my husband with several weddings, I decided to start shooting for myself.

We have a beautiful dog, a weimaraner, who has been a wonderful and very patient subject for me. Unfortunately, there are no photos of him in this exhibit because he is a bit on the shy side.

I don’t really plan for specific photos. I take my camera everywhere and shoot what catches my eye. I shoot mostly digital and I like experimenting with instant film. But my all time favourite camera is my Olympus stylus film camera.

I take everyday scenes, everyday objects and I look through the camera for a different angle on these things. Some of these I leave unaltered in post production. Others I manipulate depending on the mood I’m trying to relay.

I feel that there is some form of beauty in everything. It just has to found.