Erica de la Rosa

Artist – Erica De La Rosa

Venue – One Great City Brewing Co. [1596 Ness Avenue]

Time – Mon-Sun 11:30am-12am

Erica de la Rosa is a Winnipeg based photographer. Involved with Flashfest last year, she enjoyed it so much that she had to come back for more!

The focus of Erica’s photography is everyday objects, architecture and scenes of this city (and maybe some others), images that are routine in our daily lives, the places we walk by but often don’t see, people we encounter everyday but never meet, the small details that make up our days.

On a dreary, rainy day, taking pictures through the car window of gargoyles on buildings “because it looks like they are crying”, gives a unique image with no two being the same. It’s these types of images that capture moments in a different way, maybe causing one to wonder what or where is that?

October is bound to be a great month! Let’s enjoy!!