Elizabeth D’Alessio

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Strange Things Emporium / Prosper Street Productions

914 Corydon Avenue


Mon-Fri 11am-7pm Sat 12pm-6pm


I am a portrait and performance photographer in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I enjoy photographing a variety of subjects, but most recently I’ve been actively photographing the heavy music scenes in Winnipeg.

My love of photography began in childhood, where I taught myself to use my dad’s 35mm film SLR. As time went by, I became fascinated with black and white film. I spent all my free time in the darkroom, and enjoyed developing and printing my own photos. In 2009, I purchased my first digital SLR, which allowed me to expand my possibilities for photographic expression.

I especially enjoy the story-telling and documentary aspects of photography. I strive to capture the essence and emotions of what I’m photographing, regardless of the subject. For the festival, I chose to showcase my music and performance photography. I’ve been welcomed, inspired, torn apart, and rebuilt by the punks, metalheads, dancers, and other misfits I’ve come to know. These photos are a record of my experience, and images I will treasure forever.