Elizabeth D’Alessio

Artist – Elizabeth D’Alessio

Venue London Drugs Photo Lab [1225 St Mary’s Road]

Time – Mon-Sat 9am-9pm, Sun 10am-6pm

I enjoy photographing a variety of subjects, but had mainly been photographing live music and dance performances. I decided for this year’s festival I would expand my horizons and shift my focus to experiment with the documentary and street areas of photography.

I’ve always been interested in the story-telling aspects of photography, and the photojournalistic approach of capturing the story as it unfolds, without setting the scene or guiding the subject. You wait for the moment, instead of creating it. When shooting performances, I’ve taken the watching, waiting, and anticipating approach. The moments you’re hoping to capture present themselves overtly with live music and dance. I want to use that same approach, and focus it on people being themselves and life unfolding organically as it does in its more fleeting and subtle ways, away from the lights and theatricality.