Don’t sit around!

Congratulations to those of you who are in the Festival for 2015,
and hurry up to the rest of you.
I hope everyone will participate in the festival this year. The absolute deadline to let me know if you are in the festival is August 31st.
To realize why I am saying hurry up, I have to tell you about our Sponsors the Winnipeg Art Gallery and Friesen’s Publishing.
The WAG, for the second year, is graciously lending their fourth floor wall to a group FLASH show.
Each photographer gets ONE photograph (11×17 inches or equivalent area) to be hung in the WAG for all of October!
The opening night Party will be October 1st at the WAG and all our friends and family can come and look at the huge wall of photograph.
Possibly the largest collection of Manitoba Photographers in a group show! (at that moment..) Impressive!
So we need confirmation by Aug 31st that you are IN the fest so you can be IN the WAG show.
Friesen’s Publishing has also generously offered to print the festival program. Woo!
And that means we need to get your 150 word write up, headshot, and sample show photos to me by Sept 1.
Otherwise, you could be in the odd situation of being in the festival, but not mentioned in the program, and we don’t want that.
OK. Now you are all caught up!
I hope we can make this Photographic Festival the biggest one so far.
Last year we had 33 venues.
Can we beat that?


Leif Norman
   Executive Director
FLASH photographic festival