Dmitry Kirshner

Artist – Dmitry Kirshner

Venue – The Store Next Door/Chew [532 Waterloo Street]

Time – Mon-Sun 7am-11pm

Some might think that investigating the world through a lens is a limiting experience, restrictive both in the field of view and the emotional colouring. Dmitry Kirshner could not disagree more.  His photographs are not as much a documentary of the life around us but an artistic interpretation of each scene, object, colour or a movement that he wants to share with others.  In his view, photography is a uniquely contradictory activity that could be both extremely solitary and contemplative during the process of finding and capturing the image, and yet incredibly social and interactive in sharing the story and the emotions of each photograph with others. His goal, in each of his photographs, is to get the viewer to feel that burst of inspiration and wonder which a photographer experiences when clicking the shutter release.