David Firman

Artist – David Firman

Venue – Gas Station Arts Centre [445 River Avenue]

Time – Mon-Fri 9am-4pm (plus performance evenings)

I walk. I take pictures. I eat ramen. I love my city. Put these all together and you have Ramen. Rambles, a quirky tale of five wintery treks across Winnipeg in search of a good bowl of Japanese soup. It’s a journey through urban landscapes wholly or partially unfamiliar to me (and no doubt, to most people), forcing me to see and experience the city from a fresh perspective.

There are two parts to my show. On the table is Ramen Rambles, the book – a narrative journey in words and photos. On the walls are a selection of prints – collages of words and images reimagined from the book.

Ramen Rambles was selected for the 2nd Juried PhotoBook Exhibition at the Vermont Center for Photography, August 4-27, 2017. My earlier work has been exhibited and collected widely, including the Winnipeg Art Gallery and the National Gallery of Canada.