Dano Tanaka

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The Foxy Shoppe

87 King Street


Tuesday 12pm-4:30pm

Wed-Fri 12pm-7pm 

Saturday 12pm-6pm



Photographs for Every Woman

Dano Tanaka has worked with The Foxy Shoppe since 2013 as the in-store photographer. Originally from Edmonton, Dano had a variety of professional jobs before taking graphic design in college that lead him back to a lost love of photography.

Specializing in “Photographs for Every Woman” through pinup, boudoir, fashion portraiture, and digital art – ladies of all ages, sizes, and ethnicities are able to freely activate their hidden glamour.

“What I didn’t realize was the effect these photoshoots had on my clients. I’ve received so much feedback on how these photos help remind my female clients that they are beautiful. The photo-sessions and final images were helping them remember that they are strong and confident individuals.” – DT


You can follow Dano’s work through Social Media:

Instagram: DanoTanaka

Facebook: DanoTanaka Illustrator

Website: danotanaka.com