Coralee Penner

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Oh Doughnuts

326 Broadway


Mon-Fri 7am-4pm 

Sat 8am-4pm (or until they sell out)



As a photographer that prefers the spontaneous moment, Coralee spent ten hours in the studio with friends in the LGBTQ community, asking them questions, listening to their stories, and sharing a box of Oh Doughnuts. Here’s the thing about this eccentric redhead: while she likes to be kind, openminded and openhearted, she enjoys doing things her own way, and not necessarily by the rules. She photographed people eating. She talked openly about human sexuality (which she has a keen interest in) and what makes people identify as gay, lesbian, queer or femme. They made her laugh, and it was reciprocal. And she listened…because no matter what, we all share the human condition.

Kindness, acceptance, laughter and sugary treats…”sounds like the best photoshoot ever”! (Actual quote from Chris, pictured here)

Flash Photographic Festival’s creative director, Coralee, has been a photographer for 20+ years. While having shot weddings for too many years to count, she now focuses on corporate events, commercial work and the occasional portrait. Between Red Photo Co. and Flash Fest duties, she enjoys travelling to see live music, knitting and hot yoga.

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