Coralee Penner & Rebecca Schroeder


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A lifelong love affair with cacti started for Coralee while on childhood roadtrips to her Grandmother’s Saskatchewan farm. That love was rekindled on an impromptu trip to the Sonoran desert, which introduced her to the majestic saguaro variety. It can take 200+ years for them to reach
their impressive stature, dominating the landscapes of Arizona and California. Their resilience resonates for her, and witnessing them overtaking the landscape in the Saguaro National Park this Spring was an exhilarating experience, spawning this collection of images.












Water holds a certain magic. It can hold all sorts of shapes. It is extreme. We experience it here in Manitoba in it’s various states throughout the year, and see it both give life and cause massive destruction. Whether Rebecca is diving in for a swim or taking out a camera to photograph it, water is a constant muse.

The six images in this show were created at Lake Manitoba during a stormy weekend. Cool colours of a calm ‘inland ocean’ or stormy sea…it just depends which way the wind is blowing.




Collectively, Coralee & Rebecca make up Red Photo Co. You can see more of their work at