Connie Chappel

ConnieChappel_HeadShotConnie Chappel

Lobby of The Park Theatre

698 Osborne St
Call for hours 204.478.7275


Reach is a photograph from a series of assemblage sculpture and photography called Embodiment. The image, composed of familiar forms that reference the body and natural landscape, investigates life cycles through connections of fragments that transform from one material, structure or state to another. My intension is to create a narrative that suggests aspects

of the human condition such as diversity, self-generation, the inescapability of death and the search for ultimate meaning.

The image was captured in a vacant lot in the south Osborne neighbourhood where
I live. The Park Theatre was approached for this exhibition because of its proximity to the image location as well as the duality
of vitality and emptiness between the
two locations.

During the month of October another photograph from the Embodiment series can be viewed at P121 in the lobby of the Artspace building.