Connie Chappel


Curbside Recycling Bin, 

Smith & King, Across the street from the Burton Cummings Theatre 


Available to view 24/7!


The image Cache, affixed to a recycling bin in Winnipeg’s Exchange Area, is from a series called Embodiment.  Proceeding from the dreamscape work of surrealism, this series employs assemblage sculpture staged in the outdoors and photographed in situations that are not of a familiar landscape experience.  Cache presents a diseased birch tree felled by the wind in my South Osborne neighbourhood.  Its papery shell appears lively yet the tree’s primary purpose has passed.  It no longer provides shelter for humans and its time as a home for birds, animals, and insects is limited.  An emerging hand grips the earth and hugs the branch in an attempt to connect with the history and future of the tree.  The image reflects life cycles and human connection to the natural environment.

A curbside depot bin was selected as an exhibition site because Cache references recycling – reprocessing material to support ecological balance.  The public site is also a way to broaden the audience for photographic work.