Colin Corneau

Colin Corneau, staff head and/or mug shot (Colin Corneau/Brandon Sun)

Venue: Atrium of Red River College’s Princess Avenue campus – corner of Princess Street and William Avenue

Hours: 9 AM – 6PM, 7 days a week



Everyday Dharma

The image of BuddhGeorge -- looks over his grandmother's grave after discovering its location for the first time, Tuesday afternoon at the Brandon Cemetary. (Colin Corneau/Brandon Sun)ist monks, in the West, has often been one of mystery and mysticism. Fuelled by pop culture images and separated by a gulf of geography and culture, those who devote themselves full-time to their faith are often seen here in simplistic, two-dimensional stereotypes simply because there is no tradition of such lifestyles in our society.

However, in Eastern cultures Buddhist monks are simply part of everyday life – they are your brothers, cousins, schoolmates or neighbours. The life they lead is one that’s very familiar and deeply rooted in their cultures. 

Taking on a documentary, street photography-style approach to the issue, photographer Colin Corneau presents a series of images from daily life in China, Thailand and Nepal showing how the monastic community is woven into everyday life.

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