Colin Corneau

Artist – Colin Corneau

Venue – Red River College Atrium, Princess Street Campus [160 Princess Street]

Time – Mon-Fri 7am-7:30pm, Sat 8am-1pm


The long decline of printed news often focuses on the fate of the journalists who create its content, but behind every edition are highly skilled tradespeople who actually put ink to paper — the pressmen, who preside over highly complex and finely tuned machines that create the news you hold in your hands.

The pressmen at the Brandon Sun were responsible not only for that paper but also, for over 2 decades, the Globe and Mail in 3 provinces. In 2010, as outside forces slowly crept in, their positions were eliminated and the thunderous machines they worked on dismantled and sold. These images represent the press room floor in the last few months before their work ended.

Colin Corneau is a freelance documentary, street and commercial photographer based in Winnipeg.