Colin Corneau

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Atrium of Red River College’s Princess Avenue Campus

Corner of Princess St & William Avenue


7 days a week 9am-6pm


Flâneur is a term that translates to “stroller” or “saunterer” and refers to simply walking about. It’s an exotic but fitting term for a street photographer. A person who escapes a computer and simply goes for a walk can be treated to all the rewards that come from interacting with people one normally wouldn’t encounter.

Just as the term flâneur evolved into, the photographic genre of street photography opens up the modern city as a space for investigation. By being both part of and separate from the place they are in, street photographers offer a unique look at the environment that’s been built around us, wittingly or otherwise.

In an age of official portrayals and sanctioned image branding, street photographers construct an unofficial version of history that offers more and more varied stories with each passing year.


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