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Christian Worthington is a painter, sculptor, and draughtsman.

Recently, he has been using photographs as the “ground” for the development of his paintings.

“In this series, ‘ Nature as Leisure ‘,
I choose to photograph people engaged with nature, instead of painting it. I want to represent nature the way we experience it today, and the way people capture it through photography, not paint.

As a painter, I am compelled to mark the photographs surface, restating the spatial relationships, heightening the chromatic tension, in an attempt to transform the subject. A photo of someone holding a trophy fish, can be a very strange, layered image, if you allow a reintroduction to it. In this case, through a hybrid of photography and painting. “

Worthington has shown in, and sold to, private and public collections all across North America and the U.K. He continues to gain popularity among private patrons and corporate buyers.


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