Cendrine Marrouat’s new book

20160308-IMG_6554Cendrine and I sat down recently to talk about her second book of photography, and I was curious about her past, as I am with everyone, and she used to write poetry. “Me too” I said, but then again, I used to do a lot of things. Cendrine is originally from Toulouse France and was inspired to become a teacher by her parents, and only recently picked up a camera and was encouraged by people wanting to buy photos from her.

She is following her own advice and shooting constantly, because “…you must practice practice practice. The gear you use is not the most important thing. Your patience and willingness to learn will go a long way.”

Her newest book, launching March 23, 2016, is full of small moments from places all around the world, and encourages us to see  “Life’s Little Things” as it is titled. “Like any other piece of art, a good photo tells a story that makes you experience emotions. But the story cane relatable or make people uncomfortable. And by uncomfortable I mean that the photo forces them to look at things differently from what they are used to.”

“Human Love” Photo by Nazir Ekhlass

Cendrine is always looking for the spiritual and the transient aspects of life to inform her photography. One of her favourite photographers is Nazir Ekhlass who takes beautiful photos in Afghanistan of daily life. He has a photo of a man kissing a street dog and as she described it the hair on her arm stood up. I saw it!


Another photographer she mentioned was Steve Bisig. I will have to look him up. I love talking to photographers about their inspirations, I always learn something new.

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